A dropout of various universities, like IIT Roorkee and Jawaharlal Nehru University, Nachi Keta is a Kidney Transplant Recipient and a neurodiverse writer from New Delhi. His name is a combination of two terms: Nachi, which means ‘death’, and Keta, which means ‘a creative force’.

His works focus on mental health, oppression and the absurd in social and personal.


  • Postcards from Kandbari | Poetry Collection | Half Baked Beans | Jun 2020 (Kindle), Nov 2020 (Paperback) link]
  • Under the canopy of stars | Novel | Story Mirror Pvt. Ltd | Apr 2020 (Kindle), July 2020 (Paperback) (link)
  • HER – Eleventy One Terribly Tiny Verses For Those Despairing In Love | Poetry Collection | Self Published | Aug 2020 (Kindle and Large print) [link]


(ordered according to the date of acceptance, newest first)