A dropout of the most prestigious colleges of India, Nachi Keta is a Kidney Transplant Recipient. He considers himself too old for this world, which is too full of healthy bodies- which are too stuffed with words- which are too despairing for this world- which is too young for him. He loves his privacy too much and pretends to be a SAGE (@KetaNachi).

His name is a combination of two terms: Nachi, which means ‘death’, and Keta, which means ‘a creative force’. And his works focus on mental health, oppression and the absurd in social and personal.


  • Postcards from Kandbari | Poetry Collection | Half Baked Beans | Jun 2020 (Kindle), Nov 2020 (Paperback) link]
  • Under the canopy of stars | Novel | Story Mirror Pvt. Ltd | Apr 2020 (Kindle), July 2020 (Paperback) (link)
  • HER – Eleventy One Terribly Tiny Verses For Those Despairing In Love | Poetry Collection | Self Published | Aug 2020 (Kindle and Large print) [link]


(ordered according to the date of acceptance, newest first. ” ” are poems. rest, prose)

36KalopsiaVan Gogh feels blue
35RESURRECTION magHabromania
34Dust Poetry Magazineselene
33433 MagazineLimpid
32NymphsPiercing into the telescope of a dream
31Mixed MagBlue is not the warmest color
30SpillwordsIn a cafeteria
29Uncomfortable Revolution®Pipes
28Kitaab InternationalThe legacy
27Dream JournalFatigue is bliss
26LiveWireSitting by my personal Congo
25Youth ki AawazCan Literary Fiction Save The Tik-Tok Culture
From “Dumbing Down”?
24writenow Literary JournalCyanide
23The Remnant ArchiveSisyphus laughs in my ears
22Kreaxxxion ReviewDoesn’t matter: A day for the chronically ill
in Pandemic
21Emerge Literary JournalBirds over my washroom
20LiveWireThose Five Minutes
18SerotoninWhen I was punished for trying to commit suicide
17Dwelling LiteraryHome is where the heart is
16Fahmidan JournalThe Postcard speaks
15Ayaskala Literary MagazineFarmers don’t like garage sales
14Stone of Madness PressOtis is fat
13The Daily DrunkForty-two says don’t panic
12Literary ImpulseParks and love
11perhappened magAn aspen leaf
10The Sock DrawerThe day is not far
9Rasa Literary ReviewHiraeth-sunrise
8Words and WhispersA History of Climate Change
7CafeLit.ukChicken Soup
6Howling Press“Call me Daddy” , “Categories”, “Helen”
5The Bombay ReviewA gift from Ivan
4Juggernaut.inShusant Reads Camus
3StoryMirrorThe day I proposed to her, A Fable on love
Let them enjoy the rain
2The Good men projectA Medieval Verse on Love” , “Creation of a love poem
1Pandemic Diaries
[Mid Century Modern Mag]
A night of urinary tract infection