The poems FROM THE COLLECTION are for the ones despairing in love. I mean them to be balm because that’s what they were ‘used’ for by the entity called ‘author’ who claims to have written them. Find yourself in them. Share them with your beloved. Call them as emblems of ludicrousness. Some are good, some are bad, some are terrible. And some are very good. But all of them are about love, a heterosexual love. They pertain to various emotions, perceptions, moods, and modes. Also, they can apply to other ‘kinds’ of love, though, in the author’s opinion, there are no ‘kinds’ of love. The categories of love, like ‘homosexual love’ for example, are a political response to social norms that don’t like change for the sake of ‘stability’. These categories are a necessity until the language of the people incorporates/accepts them as normal.

And yet, we love someone/something, and that’s all there is to it. So HER stands for HIM, and THEY, and IT, and every other pronoun in the universe.

Every poem contains a single idea or image. As the subtitle suggests, these are micro-verses- a genre which may not suit you. It that’s the case, there is no use going through them. There are all kinds of collections and all kinds of readers, and this one celebrates simplicity. Every poem stands for itself. So there is no order to them. So it’s okay to go back and forth. Every reader will see every poem differently. So the categories of ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly’ are fluid and are based on the reader’s experiences. Crudely, a reader “likes” the poem if she can connect with it.

In fact, do this little thing. When you read the poems, “bookmark” the ones you could connect with. After you are finished with all the poems, count the number of those bookmarks. If the count is over 11, the author can calmly tell himself that ‘he loved HER well’.