The Postcard Speaks

Type: Flash Fiction
First Published on: FAHMIDAN JOURNAL
Word Length: 460
Themes: Fable, Anthropomorphism

Someone has written a love letter on me. It says he misses her and would come to meet her soon. I am confused. “Why didn’t he text her, or a call would have been better.” I nudge an envelope beside me. It is light blue and has a stamp from Karachi. I am from India. On my back, there is a dhobi ghat- two naked children holding knives. And women are thumping clothes on cemented waterways. I know I am not as pretty as the ones with Venice. But I am proud of myself.

I ask her- “Tell me what’s written on you? Let’s discuss what messages we carry on our bodies. In fact, let us make a festival. All the letters in the post office. It might be fun sharing stories. The postmaster will come in the morning and we might never see each other again. Let’s celebrate the momentary intimacy we are forced to enjoy. Who knows, we might be dead by tomorrow.”

Karachi does not reply…

(Read the rest at FAHMIDAN JOURNAL, Pg. 14)