On reading

When I start reading something, I look for its second line first.

That is important to me. The first line is always evocative. It helps you enter the story, but the thing is- you always read the first line. If you don’t, you can’t say that you even tried your eyes at the story. The second line, though, is important. As the question, “Did you read the second line?” If you were able to read it, and move onto the third, it means that the story might keep you with it for long. But that’s not enough. And that’s where the second step of reading comes.

I read the first two lines again. Often aloud, with my tongue and lips, and most importantly my head- the image it creates. And if I feel like continuing, I read the first para on the trot; expecting to miss something, except for a gist, about what the story is about.

And that does the deal. Often.

If I feel like jumping to the second para, I will read the first para again, and often finish the whole story, even though I may not like it in the end.

If I like it in the end, I will encore. And congratulate myself for being worthy of the story.